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December 18th, 2012 - New single Risikofaktor to be released on January, 18th, 2013

Risikofaktor Just one month from now the new Die Krupps single Risikofaktor will be released. While the last single Industriemädchen, which ranked #1 in the German Alternative Charts, was only available as a download version, Risikofaktor will be released as a 'regular' CDS again. The new single contains the dance floor smasher Risikofaktor accompanied by 2 Herzen, 1 Rhythmus, this time in a remix version by Læther Strip, and a live version of Der Amboss recorded at the Amphi Festival 2011 in Cologne.

And if this is not enough good news on its own: The new full length album will follow in April 2011. Forge ahead!


[01] Risikofaktor
[02] 2 Herzen, 1 Rhythmus (Læther Strip Remix)
[03] Der Amboss (Live at Amphi Festival 2011)


May 21st, 2012 - Industrie-Mädchen reached top of the DAC!

After reaching position 2 of the Deutsche Alternative Charts last week, Industrie-Mädchen made it to the top of the charts this week. Congratulations!


May 7th, 2012 - Industrie-Mädchen in DAC's Top 3!

This week Industrie-Mädchen made one step ahead and moved on position 3 of the Deutsche Alternative Charts. Merely 8 points separate the industrial girl from position 2 and even number one is within sight. Let's go for it!


May 1st, 2012 - Industrie-Mädchen highest new entry in DAC

The new Die Krupps single Industrie-Mädchen entered the Deutsche Alternative Charts on position 4, which is this week's highest new entry. In case you haven't heard the new single yet, download it for free from Soundcloud or Amazon Germany!


April 19th, 2012 - New single Industrie-Mädchen released

Industrie-Mädchen With his announcement 'The new Die Krupps single is completed! Who wants a free download?!!!!! :)' Jürgen Engler surprised us on Facebook today.

Industrie-Mädchen is the title of the new single, which is a cover version of a song by the German punk band S.Y.P.H., a band Ralf Dörper was member of for a few month in 1979, contributing the vocals to one track of their first EP Viel Feind, viel Ehr.

The single is a spin-off of the forthcoming studio album that is due to be released in fall 2012. You can already listen to the song on SoundCloud and starting next Monday it will also be available for download on Amazon in Germany.

Spread the word and enjoy!

[UPDATE] Now it is also possible to download the song at SoundCloud free of charge! Please note that you will get an uncompressed 41 MB wav file in perfect quality.[/UPDATE]


October 24th, 2011 - kick.management contracts Die Krupps

kick.management has contracted the pioneers of industrial music Die Krupps. The legendary band around Jürgen Engler and Ralf Dörper has announced their first studio album in 15 years. It will be released by the Hanover based record company SPV, which has already released some records of the back catalogue as well as the 2010 mini album Als wären wir für immer during the last years. Along with the new album the band will mount a Europe-wide club- and festival-tour.

Tim Tilgner (Manager Music/Comedy kick.management): ' Die Krupps have influenced many bands and artists from the metal, alternative, and industrial genres as well as the electronic music scene. Beside DAF and Kraftwerk they belong to Düsseldorf's bands, who were the pioneers of electronic music and steadily advanced. We are looking forward to the cooperation with a band which stands for history and musical power.'

Die Krupps were founded in Düsseldorf in 1980 and were one of the first bands who produced punk with pure electronic sounds. Their first album Stahlwerksinfonie and the single Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn immediately became "Album/Single Of The Week" in the famous music magazine NME. After a separation their sound became more metallic and grim in the 90s and their songs as for example To the Hilt became hits. Also the albums II - The Final Option and Paradise Now entered the Top 20 of the German charts. Die Krupps belong to the few German bands who achieved international appreciation.


May 11th, 2011 - North America Tour Canceled!

Due to immigration and visa issues Die Krupps will not join Front Line Assembly on their upcoming North America tour. However, Die Krupps will play on the Kinetik Festival in Montreal on May, 19th, as previously planned.


April 21st, 2011 - Join In The Rhythm Of Machines Tour CD

Join In The Rhythm Of Machines As announced before, a limited CD will be sold during the Join In The Rhythm of Machines tour. The CD contains two Nitzer Ebb and two Die Krupps tracks each re-arranged by the other band. Please keep in mind that this CD will only be sold at the merchandising booth during the tour.


[01] Nitzer Ebb - On The Road
[02] Die Krupps - High Tech Low Life
[03] Nitzer Ebb - Blood Money
[04] Die Krupps - To The Hilt


April 1st, 2011 - Front Line Assembly vs. Die Krupps

Beside the tour together with Nitzer Ebb in Europe, Die Krupps will be on tour later this year along with Front Line Assembly!
The tour stretches over a good part of May and June and covers many venues across the United States and Canada.
Guests on the tour will be Cyanotic and DJ? Acucrack. All details can be found here.


March 4th, 2011 - Exclusive Die Krupps warm-up show in the Netherlands

To warm-up for the tour together with Nitzer Ebb, Die Krupps will play an exclusive warm-up gig in the Netherlands on April, 21st. The location for the show is the Dynamo in Eindhoven.


February 28th, 2011 - Join in the Rhythm of Machines tour [Update]

Another show has been confirmed for the Join in the Rhythm of Machines tour. On April, 25th, Die Krupps and Nitzer Ebb will stop over in Aarhus, Denmark. For details see dates.


February 4th, 2011 - Die Krupps and Nitzer Ebb on Tour Together

Today we received some great news. Die Krupps and Nitzer Ebb will be on tour together in April and May 2011!

The event is called Join in the Rhythm of Machines tour and so far nine shows across Europe are scheduled. At the moment Die Krupps and Nitzer Ebb are cooperating on a new CD that will only be available during the shows. Beside this the tour will hold several other surprises for the audience. All details can be found in our dates section.


January 14th, 2011 - Als wären wir für immer enters top ranks

This week the title song of Die Krupps' new mini album Als wären wir für immer reached rank 2 of Deutsche Alternative Charts, which are the most important charts for alternative music in Germany. As there is still another step on the ladder to the top, the objective for next week should be clear. Good luck!


December 3rd, 2010 - Release of the new mini album Als wären wir für immer

Als wären wir für immer Today Die Krupps released their long expected new mini album Als wären wir für immer in Germany. Releases in other European countries and the United States will follow soon.

Even though the activity of Die Krupps never really ceased over the time, this is actually the first release with solely new or unreleased material since the release of Paradise Now 13 years ago. Die Krupps report vehemently back presenting a broad variety of new tracks and open a new chapter without denying their roots.

The catchy melody of the solemn opener Beyond quickly settles in your ear canal and doesn't let you go again. Beyond represents the soft end of the album and strictly spoken it is not a Die Krupps song but a cover version of a song by Hopeless, which is a side-project of Vigilante's singer Iván Muñoz. Beside the original version of the song the album also features a remix by Unheilig. You might be tempted to say that this is just a trick to increase the sales numbers, but this remix is just a late return for the remix of Spiegelbild which Die Krupps did several years back and long before the success of Unheilig.

The Chameleon Man is one of those tracks which you hear for the very first time and you immediately know who is the band behind. Straight beats pushing full force ahead, bubbling synthesizers and hard and precise guitar riffs. You like it even harder? No big deal - go for the Vigilante remix that without further ado shifts gears up.

Die Macht and the title song Als wären wir für immer are grim reports of the world leaving a dark, hostile, and frightening apocalyptic mood. The German lyrics are a perfect match for the message these songs want to get across. I just love these two songs which represent the antithesis to Beyond on this album.

Lastly we meet another old acquaintance: Dr. Mabuse, which is factual also a cover version - but then also not quite. Dr. Mabuse is a song by Propaganda, the band founded by Ralf Dörper after leaving Die Krupps ages ago and coming back later. However, we have heard this song live every now and then during the past two decades and finally it made its way on a CD.


[01] Beyond
[02] The Chameleon Man
[03] Die Macht
[04] Dr. Mabuse
[05] Als wären wir für immer
[06] Beyond (Unheilig Remix)
[07] Chameleon Man (Vigilante Remix)
[08] Dr. Mabuse (Memphis Remix)


October 18th, 2010 - Cover Story about Die Krupps in Sonic Seducer

The German music magazine Sonic Seducer is featuring a cover story about Die Krupps in its November issue. The magazine comes with a compilation CD with 16 Tracks of Die Krupps, Apoptygma Berzerk, Covenant, Deathstars, Leæther Strip, Funker Vogt, Minverve, Formalin, Die Irrlichter, Death Of A Demon and others, and as a second bonus the exclusive EP CD Sorrow by Absolute Body Control. Some extracts of the magazine are already accessible on their website.


April 21st, 2009 - Industrial Guitar Workshop with Marcel Zürcher

The German music portal Bonedo is featuring an industrial guitar workshop with Marcel Zürcher on its website. If you ever wondered which techniques and which equipment Marcel uses when playing with Die Krupps, you will find the answers there.


March 28th, 2009 - Die Krupps live on Gothika Exhibition

If you don't have any plans for the Easter weekend yet, the Gothika-Messe might be the right thing for you. This event doesn't only feature a fashion show, art, and culture, but also a lot of great music (of course including Die Krupps).

Die erste Messe für die Gothic-Szene


February 18th, 2009 - Volle Kraft Voraus (Spetsnaz Remix) top of the DAC charts

Last week in second place, this week leading the score. The remix of Volle Kraft Voraus by Spetsnaz made it to the top of the DAC, the German Alternative Charts. Well done guys.


January 31st, 2009 - Volle Kraft Null Acht leads the GEWC

Today VK08 entered the German Electronic Webcharts (GEWC) as a new entry and immediately hit the top of the score. Congratulations!


January 17th, 2009 - Volle Kraft Null Acht [Update]

Today I have received a copy of the album and to my surprise I couldn't find the announced bonus tracks. It took me a couple of emails to figure out that the bonus tracks have changed. Instead of the three bonus tracks mentioned below, the CD comes with a hidden track now. To find this hidden track put the CD into the CD player, play the first track and immediately start to wind back until it doesn't go any further. (The hidden track is actually located in front of the first track :-) )


December 7th, 2008 - Volle Kraft Null Acht due to be released in January

Not so long after the re-release of the historic album Volle Kraft Voraus, another completely new remixed version of this album is due to follow on January, 16th 2009. Volle Kraft Null Acht, that is it title of the new album, will contain remixes of the original songs done by Spetsnaz, Funker Vogt, KMFDM, Stormtrooper, Inertia, The Horrorist, Thomas P. Heckman, Modulate, Girls under Glass, Leætherstrip, Project Pitchfork, Kiesgroup, Client and Vigilante (in order of appearance).

The CD can already be pre-ordered at many record stores and online shops.

Volle Kraft Null Acht

Volle Kraft Null Acht Tracks

[01] Volle Kraft voraus (Spetsnaz remix)
[02] Das Ende der Träume (Funker Vogt remix)
[03] Wahre Arbeit, wahrer Lohn (KMFDM remix)
[04] Lärm macht Spass (Stormtrooper remix)
[05] Für einen Augenblick (Inertia remix)
[06] Tod & Teufel (The Horrorist remix)
[07] Volle Kraft 08 (Heckmann remix)
[08] 2 Herzen, 1 Rhythmus (Stormtrooper remix)
[09] Du lebst nur einmal (Modulate remix)
[10] Neue Helden (Girls Under Glass remix)
[11] Goldfinger (Leætherstrip remix)
[12] Das Ende der Träume (Project Pitchfork remix)

Bonus Tracks

[13] Tod & Teufel (Kiesgroup remix)
[14] 2 Herzen, 1 Rhythmus (Client remix)
[15] Neue Helden (Vigilante remix)


August 6th, 2008 - Re-release of the Albums Volle Kraft Voraus and I

For a long period most of the older DIE KRUPPS albums were not available in record stores due to an unsigned record contract. Now the waiting time is over! On August, 22nd DIE KRUPPS will start a series of re-releases of their old albums. The series starts with the albums Volle Kraft Voraus, originally released in 1982, and I from 1992. Both albums come as a two CD set this time and contain beside a lot of (unreleased) remixes many bonus tracks.

Volle Kraft Voraus

Volle Kraft Voraus CD1

[01] Volle Kraft Voraus
[02] Goldfinger
[03] Für Einen Augenblick
[04] Tod & Teufel
[05] Das Ende Der Träume
[06] Neue Helden
[07] Wahre Arbeit - Wahrer Lohn
[08] ...Denn Du Lebst Nur Einmal
[09] Zwei Herzen Ein Rhythmus
[10] Lärm Macht Spass
[11] Goldfinger (First Version) [Bonus Track]


[01] Volle Kraft Voraus
[02] Goldfinger
[03] Für Einen Augenblick
[04] Tod & Teufel
[05] Das Ende Der Träume
[06] Neue Helden
[07] Wahre Arbeit - Wahrer Lohn
[08] ...Denn Du Lebst Nur Einmal
[09] Zwei Herzen Ein Rhythmus
[10] Lärm Macht Spass
[11] Wahre Arbeit - Wahrer Lohn (Orig. 12" Version A Side) [Bonus Track]
[12] Lohn/Arbeit (Original 12" Version B Side) [Bonus Track]


The re-release of I is coming with the 10 tracks of the original album and it is additionally beefed up with 6 bonus tracks and 10 ATOM H mixes. Without doubt Dr. Mabuse will be one of the very special ear-candys amongst the bonus tracks.

I CD1 (The ATOM H Mixes)

[01] High Tech / Low Life
[02] Metal Machine Music
[03] Doppelgänger
[04] The Dawning Of Doom
[05] Ministry Of Fear
[06] One
[07] Simply Say No
[08] Disciples Of Discipline
[09] The Power
[10] Rings Of Steel
[11] High Tech / Low Life (Electro Version) [Bonus Track]
[12] Ministry Of Fear (Electro Version) [Bonus track]
[13] Disciples Of Discipline (Electro Version) [Bonus Track]

CD2 (Original Album)

[01] High Tech / Low Life
[02] Metal Machine Music
[03] Doppelgänger
[04] The Dawning Of Doom
[05] Ministry Of Fear
[06] One
[07] Simply Say No
[08] Disciples Of Discipline
[09] The Power
[10] Rings Of Steel
[11] Mabuse (Demo Version) [Bonus Track]
[12] Metal Machine Music (Demo Version) [Bonus Track]
[13] Doppelgänger (Demo Version) [Bonus track]
[14] Simply Say No (Demo Version) [Bonus Track]
[15] The Power (Demo Version) [Bonustrack]


June 9th, 2008 - Virus Undead

Virus Undead is the title of a new horror movie that is due to be presented on the Shanghai Int. Film Festival later this month. What makes this film special is the soundtrack. Die Krupps were approached by the director of this movie and were asked to contribute a song for it. And here we go - The Dawning of Doom is still alive...



May 11th, 2008 - Pictures of the Show in Sheffield

Just some news before heading to Leipzig, to see DIE KRUPPS live on the Wave-Gotik-Treffen:

Simon Sheaf was so kind to send us a set of pictures he took during the show in Sheffield. Many thanks to him!

During the show of DIE KRUPPS at the K17 in Berlin on February, 9th, a professional video crew around Henrik Bauer was present to record several hours of live footage. All this stuff is supposed to be mastered on a DVD, which might hopefully be available in autumn 2008. Some more details about the DVD can be found on Henrik's website.

Alex, who is with the Russian Shout! Online music magazine, set up an extensive photo report about the show at the Apelsin club in Moscow, Russia on March, 21st, 2008. The report is available here.

Last but not least Fredrik from Gothenburg informed us, that several videos of DIE KRUPPS live shows from 1992 in Norrkoping, Sweden are available on YouTube now. Enjoy!

Enter Sandman
Metal Machine Music
Machineries of Joy


March 29th, 2008 - Videos of the Show in Moscow online on YouTube

Two videos of the show in Moscow on March 21st, 2008 have turned up on YouTube:


Thanks to Mercyman for this information!


March 27th, 2008 - DIE KRUPPS Tour Diary

During the recent tour Jürgen Engler has maintained a tour diary which has been published exclusively in the German Sonic Seducer music magazine. The diary was split in two parts whereof part one can be found in the current print issue of the magazine (04-08) and part two is available online on the Sonic Seducer website. Enjoy reading!


March 22nd, 2008 - Pictures of the Show in Paris added

Toodaif X who is the man behind the videos of the show in Paris just sent me some pictures of the show, too. He also informed me that he has uploaded the video of Germaniac to YouTube in the meanwhile. The video of 5 Millionen will follow within the next couple of days. Thanks a lot!


February 12th, 2008 - Even more Pictures of the Shows in London and Frankfurt online

Nick Gough contributed a third set of photos of the show in London. They are online in the pictures section now.
Here you will also find a set of photos of the show at Frankfurt's Batschkapp on February 10th, 2008 contributed by Marcel.


February 6th, 2008 - More Pictures of the Show in London online

Martin Peterdamm was so kind to provide us with another set of photos of the DIE KRUPPS show in London on Sunday, February 3rd, 2008. They went right in our pictures section. Thanks Martin!


February 5th, 2008 - Several videos of the show in Paris online at YouTube

Some more videos of recent shows turned up on YouTube. This time they were taken at the La Locomotive in Paris on January 30th, 2008:

Odyssey of the Mind
High Tech, Low Life
5 Millionen

By the way: Did anybody take some "plain old pictures" of the show and wants to share them with us? Feel free to mail them to info@die-krupps.de.


February 4th, 2008 - Pictures of the Show in London online

A huge pile of pictures from the show last night in London is online now in the pictures section. The surprise of the night was without any doubt the guest appearance of Client B of Client, supporting DIE KRUPPS with her voice on Der Amboss.


January 31st, 2008 - Several videos of the BIM Festival 2007 online at YouTube

Sato-Sato has put some videos of the BIM Festival 2007 in Antwerp online at YouTube:

The Machineries of Joy (with Douglas McCarthy of Nitzer Ebb)
Für einen Augenblick
Volle Kraft voraus

Good stuff - had a lof of fun again with Machineries of Joy. ;-)


December 25th, 2007 - Pictures of the BIM Festival 2007 online

Today we've put a bunch of pictures from the BIM Festival 2007 online. As usual you can find them in the pictures section. Many thanks to Marcel for his efforts!


November 16th, 2007 - Two shows in the UK confirmed for February 2008

DIE KRUPPS haven't been on stage in the UK for ages. Today we got the information that at least two shows in the UK are planned for February 2008. The first confirmed gig will be on February, 2nd at the Corporation in Sheffield and the next day, February, 3rd DIE KRUPPS will be live on stage at the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town (London). More details are available in our dates section.

The work on the tour plan is still in progress and further shows will be added to the list, soon.


September 24th, 2007 - Too Much History

Finally the long time of waiting is over! Too Much History - that's the title of a set of new DIE KRUPPS CDs which is due to be released on October, 26th 2007 and it is not only too much history, but also too much stuff for one single CD, it was split up on two. Neatly split into The Electro Years (Vol. 1) and The Metal Years (Vol. 2), you will find a well chosen cross-section of the work of DIE KRUPPS over the past 25 years with some new and unreleased songs on top of it.

Both CDs can either be obtained separately or in a limited edition double CD set. For some more information about the CD's content please visit our discography section or download the official German press release as PDF file here. (We are still waiting for the English version and add it as soon as we get it.)


September 11th, 2007 - DIE KRUPPS® - Entering the arena again?

1. FC Kaiserslautern, a team playing in Germany's 2nd football division (that's soccer for you guys in the US ;-) ) is looking for a new anthem to play while their team is entering the arena. At the moment they are running a poll on their website where you can choose your favourite title from a list.

Even if you neither know, like, or support this team, you should go to their website nevertheless and vote for DIE KRUPPS with their cover version of Metallica's Battery. At the moment it looks like quite a challenge...


September 7th, 2007 - DIE KRUPPS® - Headliner of the BIMfest 2007

No, this website is not dead, yet! In fact we finally got some good news for you guys: On Saturday, December 22nd DIE KRUPPS will be the headliner of the 6th BIMfest in Antwerp (Belgium). The venue for this festival is the well known Hof Ter Lo.

And as X-mas is close at the time of the festival, we all just can hope that Douglas McCarthy finally will enter the stage and not just join in the chant, but join in Wahre Arbeit, wahrer Lohn! As usual you can find all the details in our dates section.


October 16th, 2006 - Another gig has been confirmed...

Today we got the information that DIE KRUPPS will play on the 20. Dark Dance Treffen. More information can be found in our dates section.


February 26th, 2006 - Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn enters the GEWC

Today DIE KRUPPS have also entered the GEWC (German Electronic Web Charts) on position 12. That is a superb achievement considering that the GEWC are the result of a public poll and that the single is not an official release!

Furthermore Micha Fischer sent us some great pictures of the show in Hannover which you find in our pictures section.


February 19th, 2006 - Another update of the pictures section

As you may have noticed we have revised our pictures section. Now there is a single page for every day of the tour we got pictures for. The latest entries for the shows in Hannover and Dresden came from Torsten Volkmer (http://www.goth-zine.de) and Frank Buttenbender (http://www.franco-design.de/). Many thanks to you guys!


February 8th, 2006 - More and more pictures of the 2006 tour are coming in...

Today we have updated our pictures section again after receiving another huge pile of pictures. Many thanks to Davina, Lars Krüger, and Gregor Schmidt for their contributions. (Wow, we really have to split the pictures section into different parts now. The time for downloading has become way too long, but that's something for the weekend... 8-) )


February 2nd, 2006 - Several new Pictures of the 2006 Tour Online

Daniela Vorndran (http://www.vorndranphotography.com) and Ivana Dvorska (ivana@suns.rage.cz) have sent us a huge pile of pictures taken during the shows of DIE KRUPPS in Krefeld and in Prague. You can enjoy them in our pictures section. Many thanks!


January 12th, 2006 - DIE KRUPPS® - Entering the DAC Arena

It's unbelievable: Although the new DIE KRUPPS promotional single is not available through the official sales channels, it has already entered the top 10 of the DAC (Deutsche Alternative Charts). The double A-side single will be exclusively available during the shows of DIE KRUPPS in January and February 2006. It is extremely limited and for sure will become a very rare collectors item soon. (I heard that only 300 copies are available.) The CD contains the tracks Wahre Arbeit, Wahrer Lohn, featuring Douglas McCarthy of Nitzer Ebb and Der Amboss featuring CLIENT.


January 8th, 2006 - Tour Support for DIE KRUPPS®

During the 2006 tour DIE KRUPPS will be supported by Lluther and Undergod. Please check out their websites for more information.


December 25th, 2005 - All dates of the DIE KRUPPS® tour 2005/2006 confirmed

All dates of the DIE KRUPPS tour 2005/2006 are confirmed now. Today I got the information that the last gap in the agenda on January 30th was closed with a gig in Prague (Czech Republic). You can find the full tour schedule in the dates section.


December 11th, 2005 - Pictures of DIE KRUPPS® live at the Tinitus festival online

Today I have received the permission from Fia-Lotta to publish the pictures she took of the DIE KRUPPS gig at the Tinitus festival in Stockholm (Sweden) on our homepage. You can find them in the pictures section. Also many thanks to you Fia-Lotta!

If you have taken any pictures during the shows and would like to share them here with other fans as well, please send me a notice.


December 4th, 2005 - Pictures of the DIE KRUPPS® show in Moscow online

The Russian Shout! online electro fanzine gave us the kind permission to publish their pictures of the DIE KRUPPS gig in Club Tochka on our homepage. They took a really huge pile of pictures and as usual you can find them in the pictures section. Many thanks Alex!


November 4th, 2005 - A new edition of the DIE KRUPPS® / NITZER EBB collaboration

Douglas McCarthy of NITZER EBB visited DIE KRUPPS last Sunday in the Atom H studio in Düsseldorf and made his vocal contribution to the new version of The Machineries of Joy. I already had the chance to listen to the result and to put it into simple words: it really rocks and for sure it will become a frequent guest on the DJ's turntables! In particular worth mentioning is the fact that Douglas does not only sing in English this time, but also in German...


October 24th, 2005 - DIE KRUPPS® featuring CLIENT [update]

Today I got some further news about the collaboration between DIE KRUPPS and CLIENT: Der Amboss will be one of three tracks on the new single, which will also feature a new version of The Machineries of Joy, this time a smashing version for which a pile of guitars sacrificed their lifes, and a new track as 'A-side'. We hope to get some more news and the release date during the next couple of days. Watch out!


October 21st, 2005 - Another amazing collaboration of DIE KRUPPS®

Perhaps you already saw the rumours about a new collaboration of DIE KRUPPS in other forums, but now it's perfect and official. After the legendary collaboration between DIE KRUPPS and Nitzer Ebb in 1991 and the common hit Wahre Arbeit, wahrer Lohn / The Machineries of Joy, that made all its way up straight into the Billboard Dance Charts, a new collaboration is due in 2005: DIE KRUPPS featuring CLIENT!

The first release will be the cover version of a well known 80's club hit - Der Amboss (English: The Anvil).

Get your record players off the attic and start to dust it off - during the 25-anniversary concerts of DIE KRUPPS, in January and February 2006, you will have the unique chance to get hold of a copy of a special limited 12" DJ-Promo.


October 13th, 2005 - DIE KRUPPS® Line-Up

During the last weeks I have received a bunch of e-mails of people asking who the current members of DIE KRUPPS are. Here we go:


vocals: Jürgen Engler
synth: Ralf Dörper
bass: Rüdiger Esch
guitar: Marcel Zürcher
drums: Oliver Röhl

Some recent pictures of DIE KRUPPS can be found in our pictures section.


September 23rd, 2005 - DIE KRUPPS® Tour 2005 / 2006

Finally the next tour of DIE KRUPPS has been confirmed for January 2006! All dates that are known so far can be found in the dates section. Further gigs may follow...


September 9th, 2005 - Two further live gigs confirmed

Today I got the confirmation that DIE KRUPPS will play live on two festivals in November and December 2005! These festivals are the Tinitus Festival in Sweden and the Green Christmas Festival in Estonia. The dates and further information can be found in our dates section.


September 4th, 2005 - Relaunch of our Homepage

After an uptime of more than five years a renovation of our homepage was inevitable. We were sick of the old design and the recent re-union of DIE KRUPPS gave us some good reasons to do a basic renovation. We hope that you like the new layout and look forward to receiving your feedback!


July 31st, 2005 - Pictures of WGT and Amphi Festival

Quite a lot of pictures and reviews of the Wave Gotik Treffen and the Amphi Festival have been published on the internet during the last couple of weeks. Links to some of them can be found in our links section.


May 9th, 2005 - Warm-Up Gigs - Mission Accomplished...

The warm-up gigs in the Netherlands and Belgium were a great success. Although no advertisement had been made in the run-up to the shows, both clubs were pretty well filled and the atmosphere was incredible. You soon felt like in a time machine throwing you ten years back. The set of song was a cross section from the beginning of DIE KRUPPS to their latest album.
Some pictures of the gig in Sint-Niklaas can be found in our pictures section. Perhaps you may notice another well known face on these pictures: Dirk Ivens, who worked with DIE KRUPPS on the song The Dawning Of Doom years back in 1992, was by chance in the audience and Jürgen really made him coming onto the stage and singing this specific song together live for the very first time. Great!


April 22nd, 2005 - Two Further Live Gigs Confirmed

Today I got the message that DIE KRUPPS will play two warm-up gigs in the Netherlands and Belgium in the beginning of May. The dates and locations are listed in our dates section.


March 13th, 2005 - DIE KRUPPS 25th Anniversary

Wow! Almost five years after adding the last entry to this section and countless emails from the fans asking whether DIE KRUPPS are dead or not, I am finally in the situation to place some good news here!
2005 is the 25th anniversary of DIE KRUPPS and in line with this event, the band gets active again. As you may have noted, there are already some live appearances confirmed for several festivals during this year. Further information on the confirmed festivals can be found in our dates section. More dates and details will follow, so please check this section frequently for updates.

Rumours are going on, that we can expect some new material of DIE KRUPPS on CD as well. An anniversary is always a good moment to release a Best Of... album reflecting the past, but that is only speculation from our side. As soon as there is some official information, we will let you know!


June, 03rd, 2000 - DKay.com first Maxi-CD is out

The new DKay.com MCD Hell is Heaven is available at your local record dealer now! It contains three mixes of Hell is Heaven (Single Mix, Egoism Inc. Mix and Demo Mix) and The Light Pours Out of Me which will not be a track on the forthcoming album Decaydenz! Beside these regular tracks you will find a multimedia section with a brilliant movie trailer of the computer game Diablo II which sure is worth your attention.
Hell Is Heaven Tracks

[01] Hell Is Heaven [Single Mix] (4:01)
[02] The Light Pours Out Of Me (4:10)
[03] Hell Is Heaven [Egoism Inc. Mix] (5:02)
[04] Hell Is Heaven [Demo Mix] (4:29)


[05] The Calling - Diablo II: The Movie
Although Hell Is Heaven was not released two weeks ago the CD nevertheless entered the DAC Charts (German Alternative Charts) on place 17 (this week 15) and certainly will enter several other charts within the coming weeks too.

Preview of the album Decaydenz

Today we've received the final promotional copy of the new album Decaydenz and: it is great!!! It contains eleven regular tracks and one bonus track. The songs differ a lot from the demo versions we've heard during the last year. You can listen to these tracks in Lo-Fi quality in the Earcandy section on the DKay.com homepage (strongly recommended).
Decaydenz Tracks

[01] Split Infinity (3:51)
[02] Hell Is Heaven (4:51)
[03] Drag Me Down (3:42)
[04] The Final Show (4:26)
[05] Numb (4:34)
[06] E-Motion (3:42)
[07] How Many Times (4:46)
[08] Neverland [Demo Version] (4:06)
[09] The Paradise Way (4:05)
[10] Cerulian Blue (3:54)
[11] Here We Are Strangers (4:51)
[12] F**k You (3:47)

April 03rd, 2000 - DKay.com homepage is up!

Perhaps you have already seen: The DKay.com homepage is up! The URL of the homepage is http://www.dkay.com. You can order a free(!) demo tape of their latest material there.


March 06th, 2000 - New release dates...

I don't want to bore you with new messages concerning a further delay of the release dates but I got some new information: The single now is planned to be released in the beginning of May followed by the album Decaydenz in the beginning of June. As we have learned from the past the band likes to keep us waiting but this time I have the uncertain feeling that they will keep the scheduled dates.

And again I have the honour to announce a new member. It is Dirk Krause (former Armageddon Dildos) who is going to enrich the band's abilities by his famous keyboard skills.

During the summer 2000 we will be able to see DKay.com playing on the larger open-air festivals. Dates are not fixed yet. As soon as I get them you will find them in our Dates section.


October 08th, 1999 - Again retardation of the new releases

Unfortunately the new released (maxi CD and album) are delayed once more. The release date for the maxi CD Hell is Heaven is supposed to be in January 2000 and the album will follow in February or March.

DKay.com has to record a new member! It is the guitarrist Chris van Helsing who played for Phillip Boa & the Voodooclub since 1992. He left Boa for DKay.com!

In February some promotional gigs are planned! These gigs are explicit not only for V.I.P.s as usual but for all fans - this means that the prices are as low as possible and we all will have a good time. Dates and places are not confirmed yet. We will inform you as far we know more.


July 28th, 1999 - Keeping track with the new work...

Today we got some news about DKay.com: Original it was planned that John Fryer will do all the remix works for the new album (see news bulletin May 13th, 1999) but although the co-operation worked fine there were still some diferences in the idea of the musical aim. So it was decided to stop the common work. Now the mixes will be done by Chris and Jürgen themselves.

At this point a demo-CD with the drafts of twelve songs is at the record-company for rehearsal. They have to make suggestions what the first single will be. A new big player for the nomination is a cover version of Billy Idols' White Wedding! All the people who heard it yet or simply about the idea were positively amazed and liked the idea. Even the fact that Doro gives her voices as female vox is another good mark for this song.

Some other short facts about the new album: Two tracks will profit by the voice of Birgit Fischer of Motorsheep and two further songs already past the hands of Andreas Bruhn (ex. Sisters of Mercy) who was dealing as remixer.


July 09th, 1999 - New release-dates

Due to certain reasons, there is a delay in the release-dates of the new DKay.com album and the MCDs.

The first Maxi-CD will be released in September '99, followed by another MCD in January 2000. The album Decaydance will finally appear in February 2000.


May 13th, 1999 - DKay.com

DKay.com (pronounce: dacay dot com) is the name of the new project around Krupps mastermind Jürgen Engler! After certain rumours in the past few month, here is the line-up of the band beside Jürgen: Julian Beeston (ex Nitzer Ebb, Shining) and Adam Grossman (Skrew).

At the moment the band is producing the new album in Jürgen's house in Austin, Tx. The title of the new album is "Decaydence" and the title of the first single is "Neverland". The single will be released in August and the album in September of this year.

On June 6th, the video for "Neverland" will be shot in Los Angeles. The director for the video is Olaf Heine who also produced the video "1/2 Lovesong" of the German fun-punk band "Die Ärzte" and took photos for Pulp, Die Ärzte, Radiohead, Sheryl Crow, Garbage, Linda Evangelista, Metallica, Soundgarden and Bush - to tell only a few. In the following three weeks the album will be completed with John Fryer who produced bands like Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and Stabbing Westward in the past.

A tour will follow in January or February 2000.

It is intended to give out a free tape with samples of the new material on the larger festivals in summer. I hope to get the permission to release these demos as MP3 files here on the website to make it available to you all.

I heard a rough version of the new album a few weeks ago and it is very very promising. It contains less metal elements and is much more oriented towards older songs like "to the hilt" or "fatherland" but transformed to the year 2000.


November 28th, 1998 - New album demos will be finished soon

DIE KRUPPS are working like mad on their new album. In a few days the demos will be shipped to Rough Trade. About 15 tracks have been finished, but the vocals are still missing. This is a theme for the next few days.

A tribute to U2

A tribute to U2 album will be released on Cleopatra Records soon. Beside other bands like Frontline Assembly or Heaven 17, DIE KRUPPS will give their tribute to this great band. The name of the song: Numb.

Remix works

Jürgen and Chris are still doing some remix works: Finally the finished a song of Ofra Haza. (Perhaps some of you may remember the Temple of Love remix by Sisters of Mercy with her backing vocals)


October 7th, 1998 - ATOM H Studio has doubled!

A new ATOM H studio has been set up in Austin, Tx. According to his home studio in Düsseldorf Jürgen named it ATOM H U.S. There they are working on their new album. They are going to produce 20-25 songs in sum. 14 of them will be released on the new album. The release of the album is considered for spring '99!

The new album will sound a whole lot more electronic which means a reduction of guitar influence - not only due to the leave of Lee Altus, who left the band a while ago. Stylish it can be described as a kind of Fatherland for the year 2000. Unnecessary to say, that Jürgen has to drop some of his hair again!

During the production of the album a live report can be found on the internet where you can have a close look to the work which is done. You can find the URL of the homepage here as soon as it is known.

The band has a new member: it is Julian Beeston (shining) who did a lot of good live jobs for DIE KRUPPS before and is a former part of Nitzer Ebb. He is a really tough guy and I expect a lot of positive influences from his side. Perhaps you remember: Rise Up is based upon a shining song called Hysteria.


no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.